Why Gum Disease Can be Bad for your Overall Health

Your oral health matters a lot more than you think, especially for your overall healthiness. We at Kyoui would like to accomplish more than just giving you the brightest smile you can get.

Why are your Gums important?

Research has been shown to link oral health problems like periodontal or gum disease to many health issues, including: diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, Alzheimer’s, asthma, osteoporosis, and even cancer.

How does this happen though? Over time, bacteria in infected gum tissue can enter your bloodstream and travel to other parts of your body, causing inflammation. There’s been research supporting the association between periodontal disease and heart disease. In one study, researchers discovered signs of oral bacteria in arterial plaque.

If you don't take good care of your gums and teeth, it will cause more than just having bad breath. Not brushing teeth for several days can lead to the onset of gum disease. Brushing your teeth ensures the removal of plaque, which is one of the primary causes for gum disease.

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