Kyoui Sonic 3000 System

3 Different Patented Angled Brush Heads, all made with the finest Dupont Filaments:

1. PERIO (Night Time): made with 2 different bristles this very specialized angled brush head will clean the surface of the teeth, polishing off stains for coffee, tea, wine, soda; while the ultrasoft outside bristles will massage the gums. Suggested replacing time: every 6 months

2. CLEANING (Day Time): made of Soft Dupont Filaments in a very specialized wavy shape to contour teeth and sulcus, The Cleaning brush head is made to give a great cleaning to teeth and tongue. Suggested replacing time: every 6 months

3. PICK (Once a Week): made of Soft Dupont Filaments, the pick head is made to precisely remove plaque and tartar off of the gumline, back teeth, under implants, crowns and bridges. The pick head is ideal to clean plaque around brackets making it the best electric toothbrush for people wearing braces. Suggested replacing time: every 12 months

31,000 Sonic Pulse/Min

2 minutes Timer. 30-Second Interval

DuPont Filaments

3 Different Brushing Modes

Rechargeable (each charge lasts for 40 days)


International Voltage

2-year Warranty