RDH - Kyoui Sonic 3000 Toothbrush System

The Kyoui Sonic 3000 Toothbrush System

It's our daily Oral Care routine that will allow us to achieve optimal teeth cleaning at home.

Our protocol consists of 3 different brush heads with 3 different purposes:


1. Cleaning Angled Brush Head - Morning Time (White)

The Cleaning Brush Head was created to remove more bio-film from the surface of the teeth and tongue that accumulate during the night.

Made with the finest soft filaments in a wavy shape to contour the teeth. 

👉The cleaning head is recommended to be used in the mornings to clean teeth and tongue.😛


2. Perio Angled Head - Night Time (Black) 

The Perio (black) Brush Head is made with soft + ultrasoft bristles, this brush head was designed to massage the gums (ultrasoft white outside bristles) while cleaning the surface of the teeth (soft green inside bristles). 

The ultrasoft bristles are able to clean under the gumline and between teeth. 

It is perfect for patients with sensitive gums.

👉The Perio brush head is recommended at night to massage the gums while cleaning teeth. It does not replace flossing 😉


3. Pick head  -  Plaque Remover

The Pick Brush Head is made with soft bristles, it is an end tuft brush made to clean in more detail along the gum line, back of the molars, and between teeth.

It's also great to clean around brackets, implants, and bridges.
It's very effective to remove plaque between uneven teeth.
👉The Pick brush head is recommended to be used as often as needed on soft mode to clean the gum line, between teeth and back of molars.😁


4. Brush Handle and Engine


✔EMF Free 

✔Slim, Lightweight

✔2 Minutes Auto-timer with 30-Second Interval

✔3 Brushing Modes - Normal, Soft, Pulse

✔1 Full charge = up to 30 days of usage 


5. Charger Base


✔Light, International Voltage

✔Holds handle and 2 brush heads

✔Inductive Charging


 The Kyoui Sonic 3000 Electric Toothbrush System

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